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How to shop with AstroPay

With AstroPay there are two ways to pay online:

AstroPay Wolves Card

Use your AstroPay Wolves card at the checkout like you would with any other VISA card. Find your card number and security information in the AstroPay app and enter your card details as normal. Every time you purchase at the Wolves Mega Store or at with your AstroPay Wolves card, you’ll get 20% cashback on your purchases up to a limit of £50 cashback a month. The cashback will be credited to your AstroPay Wolves card within 24 hours. 


1. Add your favourite items to your cart.


2. Head to the checkout.


3. Select ‘Pay with card’ and enter your card information. Done!


AstroPay Checkout

Select AstroPay at the checkout for quick and easy transactions. With the AstroPay checkout you will earn 20% cashback on your first purchase only, up to a limit of £50. The cashback will be credited to your AstroPay account within 24 hours.


1. Add your favourite items to your cart.


2. Head to the checkout.


3. Select AstroPay as payment option. Done!


Get your AstroPay Wolves Card

  • Get your card for free and enjoy the convenience of paying in your local currency.

  • Earn AstroPoints towards unique prizes and experiences every time you use your card.

  • Shop online on any international site that accepts Visa, or in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay.



Redeem AstroPoints for unique prices

AstroPay offers the ultimate Rewards Program where you can redeem your AstroPoints for cash, exclusive prizes and unique experiences that money can’t buy.



How to redeem AstroPoints

  • Open the AstroPay app.
  • Tap on Rewards
  • Choose the prize you’d like to redeem. It’s easy and fast!

Visit our site: to find out more about AstroPay.


Terms and Conditions

Please see promotional terms and conditions here: for AstroPay Wolves Card, Wolves Store Cashback Promotion - AstroPay Wolves Card and for AstroPay Checkout, Wolves Store Cashback Promotion by One Touch.


About AstroPay

AstroPay is a premier global digital wallet that seamlessly blends the thrill of sports fandom with the power of financial empowerment. We kindle the fervor of millions of sports aficionados with our unparalleled Rewards Program. Beyond being a mere digital wallet, AstroPay is a comprehensive financial hub, offering a diverse range of products including cards, savings, and investment opportunities.

Our loyalty program is truly unmatched, offering members once-in-a-lifetime experiences that money simply cannot buy. Imagine meeting your favourite players face-to-face, securing VIP tickets to the most sought-after matches, or owning a jersey autographed by a top athlete. With AstroPay, these dreams become a reality, all while granting users the flexibility to transact on thousands of international platforms and physical stores.

Boasting a robust database of over 10 million sports enthusiasts globally, AstroPay's influence is undeniable. Our expansive partner network, spanning 150 countries, solidifies our dominant global footprint. The app further elevates the user experience by offering access to a staggering 200+ payment methods.

Our unwavering commitment to the sports realm has empowered us to sculpt a distinct digital wallet ecosystem meticulously curated for sports lovers.